Monday 21 November

9:30Keynote address - IAPR Distinguished Speaker
Transcontinental Surveillance and Non-Cooperative CCTV Face Recognition
Brian Lovell
11:00Oral session 1: People and faces
How do you Develop a Face Detector for the Unconstrained Environment?
Wai San, Shaokang Chen, Arnold Wiliem, Binn Di and Brian Lovell
To face or not to face: Towards Reducing False Positive of Face Detection
Siqi Yang, Arnold Wiliem and Brian C. Lovell
Improving pedestrian detection
Jamie Bowers and Richard Green
Texture-Based Feature Mining for Crowd Density Estimation: A Study
Muhammad Saqib, Sultan Daud Khan and Michael Blumenstein
13:20Oral Session 2: Modelling
glGetFeedback - Towards Automatic Feedback and Assessment for OpenGL 3D Modelling Assignments
Blake Hodgkinson, Christof Lutteroth and Burkhard Wuensche
Modelling of Feature Matching Performance on Correlated Speckle Images
Victor Wang and Michael Hayes
A dynamic feature map integration approach for predicting human fixation
Ibrahim Rahman, Christopher Hollitt and Mengjie Zhang
Collaborative Representation based Fine-grained Species Recognition
Tapabrata Chakraborti, Brendan McCane, Steven Mills and Umapada Pal
14:40Poster Session 1
Accuracy of Free-space Detection for Stereo and Monocular Vision
Noor Haitham Saleem and Reinhard Klette
Geodesic Distance and Compactness Prior based Salient Region Detection
Li Zhou, Song Yang, Yaoming Yang and Zhaohui Yang
Human Detection Model Using Feature Extraction Method in Video Frames
Arwa Alzughaibi and Zenon Chaczko
Embodied Earth: Experiencing Natural Phenomena
Steven Mills, David Green, Nancy Longnecker, James Brundell, Craig Rodger and Peter Brook
Automated Mango Flowering Assessment via Refinement Segmentation
Zhenglin Wang, Kerry Walsh, Brijesh Verma, Phul Subedi and Anand Koirala
Practical application of the geometric wavefront sensor for adaptive optics
Saloni Pal and Stephen J. Weddell
Embedded Infrared Imaging to Measure the Deformation of a Soft Robotic Actuator
Harris Thien, Martin Stommel, Florian Le Daheron, Alex Le Page, Zhicong Deng and Peter Xu
Scene Structure Analysis for Sprint Sports
Mohammad Hedayati, Michael Cree and Jonathan Scott
A Bayesian method for type-specific quadric fitting
Matthew Collett
A visual modeling of knowledge for decision-making
Jihed Elouni, Hela Ltifi, Mounir Ben Ayed and Mohamed Masmoudi
The Phase Problem with Structured Sampling
Romain Arnal and Rick Millane
15:40Oral Session 3: Localisation
Lidar guided stereo simultaneous location and mapping (SLAM) for UAV outdoor 3-D scene reconstruction
Trevor Gee, Jason James, Patrice Delmas and Georgy Gimelfarb
When to Use What Feature? SIFT, SURF, ORB, or A-KAZE Features for Monocular Visual Odometry
Hsiang-Jen Chien, Chen-Chi Chuang, Chia-Yen Chen and Reinhard Klette
Estimating Heading Direction from Monocular Video Sequences Using Biologically-Based Sensor
Michael Cree, John Perrone, Gehan Anthonys, Aden Garnett and Henry Gouk
16:40NZ Robotics, Automation and Sensing AGM
18:30Conference dinner

Tuesday 22 November

9:00Keynote address
Detecting Astronimical Oddities
Marcus Frean
10:00Poster Session 2
MR imaging near metal: the POP algorithm
Phil Bones, Laura King and Rick Millane
Document Image Retrieval Based on Texture Features and Similarity Fusion
Fahimeh Alaei, Alireza Alaei, Michael Blumenstein and Umapada Pal
Power line detection using Hough transform and line tracing techniques
Lewis Baker, Steven Mills, Tobias Langlotz and Carl Rathbone
QMET: A New Quality Assessment Metric for No-Reference Video Coding by Using Human Eye Traversal
Pallab Podder, Manoranjan Paul and Manzur Murshed
VISGIS: Dynamic Situated Visualization for Geographic Information Systems
Stefanie Zollmann, Christian Poglitsch and Jonathan Ventura
Automatic Retinal Vessel Extraction Algorithm Based on Contrast-Sensitive Schemes
Mohammad Au Khan, Toufique A Soomro, Tariq Mahmood, Donald G. Bailey, Junbin Gao and Nighat Mir
Extraction of Utility Poles in LIDAR scans using cross-sectional slices
Josh McCulloch and Richard Green
Simulation of temporal coherence loss for repeat-pass synthetic aperture sonar
Blair Bonnett and Michael Hayes
Fuzzy Rule Based Approach for Face and Facial Feature Extraction in Biometric Authentication
Mozammel Chowdhury, Junbin Gao and Rafiqul Islam
Segmentation of Harmonic Syllables in Noisy Recordings of Bird Vocalisations
Yukio Fukuzawa, Stephen Marsland, Matthew Pawley and Andrew Gilman
A Robust System to Detect and Localize Text on Arabic News Video
Mansouri Sadek, Mbarek Charhad, Chahira Lihoui and Mounir Zrigui
11:00Oral Session 4: Light and Focus
Predicting the Dependence of Perceived Lightness to Illumination
Steven Le Moan
Extending the Depth of Field in Microscopy: A review
Anoop Suraj Ambikumar, Donald G. Bailey and Gourab Sen Gupta
The Role of Focus in Object Instance Recognition
Oliver Batchelor and Richard Green
FPGA Based Multi-shell Filter for Hot Pixel Removal within Colour Filter Array Demosaicing
Donald Bailey and Jim S. Jimmy Li
Steering committee meeting
13:20Oral Session 5: Applications
Baseline Method for the Decoding of Optical Markers Known as 'Snowflakes'
Martin Stommel, Stephen Henry and Eleanor Williams
>Design of a Pseudo-Holographic Distributed Time-of-Flight Sonar Range Imaging System.
Lee Streeter, Jonathan Scott, Carl Lickfold and Michael Cree
Local Depth Patterns for Fine-Grained Activity Recognition in Depth Videos
Sari Awwad and Massimo Piccardi
A Hierarchical Segmentation Tree for Superpixel-based Image Segmentation
Xianbin Gu, Jeremiah Deng and Martin Purvis
14:40Poster Session 3
Deep Convolutional Encoder-Decoder for Myelin and Axon Segmentation
Rassoul Mesbah, Brendan McCane and Steven Mills
Improve Data Compression Performance Using Wavelet Transform Based On HVS
Hanadi Hakami and Zenon Chaczko
Detection and Spatial Analysis of Fairy Circles
Mahmoud Al-Sarayreh, Zahra Moayed, Barbara Bollard-Breen, Jean-Baptiste Ramond and Reinhard Klette
Design of a New Trading Card for Table-top Augmented Reality Game Environment
Minh Nguyen, Wai Yeap and Steffan Hooper
Early Diagnosis of Alzheimerís Disease: A Multi-class Deep Learning Framework with Modified k-sparse Autoencoder Classification
Pushkar Bhatkoti and Manoranjan Paul
Computer-assisted Recognition Of Dolphin Individuals Using Dorsal Fin Pigmentations
Andrew Gilman, Krista Hupman, Karen Stockin and Matthew Pawley
High-accuracy Fiducial Markers for Ground Truth
Matthew Edwards, Richard Green and Michael Hayes
A New Template Updating Method for Correlation Tracking
Ahmad Ali
Identifying well-orientated diffraction patterns in XFEL data
David Wojtas, Carolin Seuring, Kartik Ayyer, Henry Chapman and Rick Millane
Development of A Low Cost Microfluidic Imaging System
Ben Pedersen, Donald Bailey and Bob Hodgson
Evaluating using GoPro cameras and Tsaiís calibration for video-based submerged river-bed reconstruction
Wei Li, Trevor Gee, Patrice Delmas and Heide Friedrich
15:40Oral Session 6: X-rays
Extreme imaging: Macromolecular imaging using x-ray free-electron lasers
Rick Millane
Polychromatic Near-Field Ptychography
Richard Clare, Martin Dierolf and Irene Zanette
3-D Reconstruction of Historical Documents using an X-Ray C-Arm CT System
Daniel Stromer, Gisela Anton, Vincent Christlein, Patrick Kugler and Andreas Maier
16:40Closing session and awards